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  •   29 Jul 2017   Posted By Kristopher H.   5 Favs   0 Comments

    How to Find the Contraceptive That’s Right For You

    There are more contraceptives on the market today than ever before. You have a choice of what's most convenient for you as well as what works best for your body. One of the most popular forms of contraception is the pill that you take daily. On the list of pros for the pill is that it's inexpensive and an easy form of contraception.

  •   29 Jul 2017   Posted By Jimmie M.   2 Favs   0 Comments

    Many STDs Are Becoming More Common Than You Might Realize

    STDs - or sexually transmitted diseases - are rising. The rise of these preventable and treatable diseases is found in young people as well as in the elderly. Any time there's sexual contact with an infected person without proper precautions, the diseases can be spread.

  •   17 Jul 2017   Posted By Myra C.   3 Favs   0 Comments

    How Hormones Affect Your Sex Drive

    A woman's body goes through a lot of hormonal changes from birth to menopause. Hormones can influence how a woman feels physically, emotionally and psychologically. So it's no wonder that when the hormones get out of balance, a woman's sex drive can be greatly affected. Exactly which hormones play a vital role in keeping your libido revved up? There is more than one.